Next Year in Italia: The Eurovision 2021 Debrief

We have a winner! Join Alix, Max, and Bart as they react to the Eurovision 2021 Grand Final and semifinals and share their thoughts on this year’s winner and what to expect next year.

Thanks to everyone for tuning in this season! We’ll see you next year 🙂

Eurovision 2021: A Star Spangled Preview

Join Alix, Max, and Bart as they give their predictions for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest! Who will make it out of the semi-finals? Who will take home the crystal microphone? Who were our biggest surprises and biggest disappointments this season? And, most importantly, who won our Star Spangled Jury?! Listen in and find out!

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Excuse Our French

As we head into rehersal week for this year’s Eurovision, join Alix, Max, and Bart as they give their takes on the last batch of entries from Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Malta (and a review of Israel’s revamp)! You also get a preview of our predictions for this year, but tune in next week for our official predictions episode!

Songs featured:

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The Queen of the Night is coming (for all of us)

Join the gang for another round of songs as they tackle this year’s Eurovision entries from Poland, Latvia, Iceland, and Sweden! This week, Max worships at the altar of Samanta Tina, Alix and Bart question Poland’s choices, and all three wonder whether or not Iceland can fill its own big shoes from last year. Does lightning strike twice? Listen in and find out!

Songs featured:

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Your Song is Getting Old

Join the gang for another round of songs as Alix, Max, and Bart give their spicy takes on this year’s Eurovision entries from Greece, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, and the UK. This week, Bart hears a hidden message in Greece’s entry, Max has thoughts on Bulgaria’s Billie Eilish schtick, Alix wonders just how far off-Broadway Vasil can go, and all three agree that the UK has stepped up their game. But will it be enough to get them out of last place? Tune in and find out!

Songs featured:

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Everybody make some SHUM! (It’s our 50th episode!!)

Join the gang this week as they give their extra hot takes on the Eurovision entries from Russia, Ukraine, Austria, and Switzerland! On our 50th episode (!!!), Max unsurprisingly already has first class tickets on the Manizha train, Bart has no objectivity left for Ukraine, and Alix has sure-to-be unpopular opinions on Switzerland.

Also, whether you’re new to the show or a long-time listener, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for helping us get to 50 episodes! We hope you’ll stick around because we’re certainly not done yet ;).

Songs featured:

The Annual San Marino Stancast (feat. some other songs too)

It’s that time of year again where the gang spends too much time obsessing over whatever San Marino has in store for Eurovision this year, but we also talk about some other songs too. If last week was Bart’s week, this time it’s Alix’s turn to stan all the songs!

Songs featured:

Fyr & Flamme (Denmark) – “Øve Os På Hinanden”

Måneskin (Italy) – “Zitti E Buoni”

The Black Mamba (Portugal) – “Love Is On My Side”

Senhit (San Marino) – “Adrenalina”

“It’s pure chaos, and I love that”

Join the gang as they tackle the chaotic entries coming out of Moldova, Australia, Serbia, and Estonia. This week,  Alix can’t help but fall for the Estonian heartthrob for a 2nd year in a row while Max and Bart debate which entry truly defines the term “camp excellence.”

Songs featured:

The Calm Before the Storm (of Bangers)

Sit back and relax with the gang this week as they enjoy (?) the low-tempo vibes of the entries from Slovenia, Belgium, Romania, and the Netherlands! This week we… actually all kind of agree on what we think of these songs, which is…new. But are we saying “Amen” to Ana Soklič? What do we think of too-cool-for-school Hooverphonic’s song this year? Most importantly, exactly how much do we love “Birth of a New Age”? Listen and find out!

Songs featured:

The Devil Went Down to Cyprus

Join the gang for another episode as they react to this year’s Eurovision songs from Spain, Cyprus, Germany, and Ireland! This week, Bart and Alix miss the point of Spain’s performance, Max is surprised at Bart’s reaction to Germany, and all three wonder about Ireland’s potential. But does Cyprus meet our expectations? Listen in and find out!

Songs featured: