As you may have heard, Eurovision 2020 has been cancelled in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, but worry not! The 2020 songs are still part of the Eurovision cannon, and the crew of Star Spangled Eurovision are going to keep bringing you their hot takes throughout the rest of the season. Join us as Alix, Max, and Bart react to the entries from Slovenia, Poland, the UK, and Germany and find out which songs we’re not too mad don’t have to compete this year.

Songs featured:

Stay safe everyone!

The Worst in Me

Join Alix, Max, and Bart as they share their thoughts on the Eurovision entries from Norway, France, Belgium, and Ukraine. This week, Alix thinks Ulrikke’s dress might be more dazzling than her song, Bart and Max have some Instagram advice for Tom Leeb, and all three agree that Ukraine is back with a vengeance.

Songs featured:

A Diva to Stan

Join the crew of Star Spangled Eurovision as they give their hot takes on the entries from Armenia, Italy, Latvia, and Lithuania. This week, Max and Bart are desperate for a diva moment, Alix’s takes some cold medicine-fueled tangents, and all three agree that the Baltics are in it to win it this year.

Songs featured:

Hot Mess Express

We’re back! Welcome to Season 3 of Start Spangled Eurovision! This week, Alix, Max, and Bart give their hot takes on the first four entries in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest from Albania, Spain, Czechia, and Australia.

Songs featured:

All Together Now: Eurovision Choir 2019 w/ Lenore Cohen

Max and special guest Lenore Cohen discuss this year’s edition of Eurovision Choir, a biannual competition where choirs from around Europe compete for the title of Eurovision Choir of the Year. Take a listen to find out what we thought about this year’s competition, who we thought maybe should’ve won, and which choir probably soundtracked the movie Midsommar.

You can stream this year’s edition of the contest here, and if you’re so inclined, watch the 2017 version here.

Songs featured:
Babite Municipality Mixed Choir Maska (Latvia) – “Pērkontēvs”
Volve Vokal (Norway) – “Ønskediktet”
Vocal Line (Denmark) – “True North”
Jazzva (Slovenia) – “Spomenčice”
Cake O’Phonie (Switzerland) – “Swiss Hearts (medley)”
Ysgol Gerdd Ceredigion (Wales) – “Cúlna” / “Ar Lan y Môr”

We couldn’t include it in the episode, but listen to Denmark’s winning performance in the final here.

Jury or No Jury?

What’s the point of juries? Ostensibly they’re to temper the influence of bloc voting and politics in Eurovision and make sure the best song wins. But what effect do they have on the final result, and is it time to get rid of them? Max, Alix, and a very special guest discuss all this and more on our first off-season episode this year!

You can find our dataset on discrepancies between jury and televote scores here.

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The Eurovision 2019 Debrief

Eurovision 2019 is over, the winner has been crowned, and the crew have a lot of thoughts. Join Alix, Max, and Bart as they break down the good, the bad, the fab, and the weird at this year’s big show!

A massive thank you to everyone for listening this season, and to all the fans and friends we’ve made this year! We will be releasing new episodes monthly until the next Eurovision season begins, exploring various topics around the contest. Get in touch by email or on social media and let us know what you want us to talk about, and we’ll see you all again soon!

Our Douze Points Go To…

In our last episode before the start of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, join the gang as they give their predictions on who will make it out of the semifinals and who might take the crown this year. We also share the results of our first ever Star Spangled Jury! A huge thank you to all of our fans and friends who took part and sent us their Top 10s.

See you next week for our Eurovision 2019 debrief!

Note: We added one more juror’s score since recording, so the results changed just slightly. Check out the full breakdown of scores here.


Find Your Malta

It’s our 25th episode! Join Alix, Max, and Bart as they take on the last three entries for Eurovision 2019: Russia, Israel, and Malta. In this episode, the crew wishes Russia went with something else, tries to find something nice to say about Israel, and is divided over “Chameleon”‘s unexpected drop. But come one, we’ve all stanned Malta at some point…

Songs featured:

Join us next week for our Eurovision 2019 predictions!

“The F***ing Anthem of Life”

Join Alix, Max, and Bart as they give their takes on the Eurovision 2019 entries from Azerbaijan, Armenia, North Macedonia, and Sweden. This week, Max and Bart drool over the Azeri representative, Alix gets her feminism card revoked, and all three finally get the chance to show their (possibly unhealthy) love for Sweden’s entry.

Songs featured: